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Everything's Coming Up Daffodils! 


2024 Daffodil Festival was a hit with record attendance!


The 2024 Daffodil Festival in Gloucester, VA, was an unparalleled success, drawing crowds from near and far to celebrate the advent of spring amid a sea of golden blooms.


This year's festival, marked by splendid weather and a record number of attendees, showcased the best of our community’s spirit and hospitality. With a diverse lineup of events, from the grand parade and queen coronation to the myriad of garden tours, arts and crafts booths, and live musical performances, the festival provided something for everyone.


Local artisans and businesses flourished, benefiting from the influx of visitors, while families and friends created lasting memories. The Daffodil Festival not only celebrated the beauty of spring but also bolstered community pride and economic growth, affirming its status as a must-visit event in the heart of Gloucester.

2024 Daffodil Festival Print
Artist: Carol Aldridge 

"Daffodils of the Creek"

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2024 Highlights

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