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Any schedule changes due to inclement weather will be posted by Friday afternoon. Due to the volume of emails and calls, using this form to ask about weather cancellations may not receive a response. 

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Gloucester Daffodil Festival 

Main Street,

Gloucester, VA 23061

"Everything. Flowers are beautiful, vendors are different than usual and have very cool items. We've gone every year since we've lived here.. Bands and food all in one place is nice as well."

Bryan Pierce

"Anyone and everyone can enjoy the event, the town, the "street fair" atmosphere. Always different and at the same time always the same. A real pleasure every year."

Janet Daum

Great atmosphere, dog friendly, handicap friendly, children friendly. Lots of great local and far away vendors, and artist. Great selection of food vendors and bands. Can’t wait until next year’s festival.

Cyndi Cothern

Lost count of how many Daffodil Festivals I’ve attended, and they never seem to disappoint! This year was no different! Spent 7 hours there this year, spending time with my mom, daughter in-law and grandson. Each and everyone of us enjoyed it, even my 9 month old puppy! Keep up the great work!

Cheryl Slavnik

Amazing event! Super fun with a ton of energy! Great way to spend a early spring morning in Gloucester county!

Cori Williams

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